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French Cooking Recipe


Way before the year of 1500, French cooking recipe is known to have been influenced by three factors:

1. The Celtic Gauls’ invasions, which has led to the division of lands and introduction of farming.
2. The taking over of the Romans, who introduced the making of cheese.
3. The invasion of the Moors, who introduced goats to the country.

The influence of the Moors extended to the ingredients and methods of cooking of the French people. It has been said that their first cookbooks are based on the palate of the Moors.

The earliest foundations of contemporary French cooking recipe are laid down in 1500. During this time, “haute cuisine” is introduced to the French courts by an Italian whose name is Catherine de Medici. This type of cuisine has been mastered by chefs over the passing years. Italian influences altered the French cooking recipe, its methods, its ingredients and, the way it is served. The use of truffles, butter and artichokes, fancy dishes, and cooking techniques has been introduced by the chefs of Medici. The difference of sweet and savory has also been introduced.

In 1652, French cooking recipe evolved to the use of spices, mushrooms and, truffles as compliments and enhancers to the flavor of the dish. Traditional heavy sauces are replaced with lighter sauces and stocks, while meat is often served with its own juice. During this time, La Varenne, a French chef, has written the first cookbook on French cooking recipe in alphabetical order, along with cooking instructions for vegetables.

Currently, French cooking recipe has differences according to the regions of the country. With a distinguished culture for each region, dishes within France are divided into three:

1. French cooking recipe in the northern part of the country involves game birds, trouts, salmons and, pikes. Fruits are usually added to tarts and other meat dishes. The Camembert and the Calvados cheeses are also used for their dishes.
2. Dishes and French cooking recipe from central France are among the best in the country. The most well known ingredients are garlic butter and, red wine mixed in beef or chicken. Burgundy wines in this region serve as an inspiration to fancy and home cooked dishes. Home cooking is the heart of this region.
3. French cooking recipe in the southern part of the country mostly includes Roquefort cheese, olive oil, wild mushrooms, aubergines, garlic and tomatoes. Plus, the teeming fresh seafood’s of the region adds to the high esteem of its dishes.

All over the globe, French cooking recipe is one of the most well known in fancy hotels and restaurants.

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