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´╗┐French Cooking Stoves


Early French cooking stoves were manually crafted and designed to specifications. They are mostly alcohol burners and could be transported to any part of the house. Hence they were designed to be appreciated in utility and form. French cooking stoves were not only designed for home use, they were also designed for restaurants, hospitals, and for military use. These stoves gave heat in the chill of winter, and heated up rooms and gave homes warmth that soothed the tired heart.
The French cooking stoves were made from cast iron to withstand heat. These were lined with refractory brick. Most of these stoves had hinged doors, splayed feet, and had fancy top plates. The name of the manufacturer engraved on the cartouche. One stove that has caught the fancy of many collectors is a stove made in the Ardennes sometime between 1900 and 1930. It has rich brown enamel and an ornately decorated front door. Mica was also used for the stove windows to add sheen to these types of French cooking stoves. This type of stove burns coke, coal or small pieces of wood.
In the 1920s, the French cooking stoves were bigger and able to accommodate two cooking plates on the top of the stove. This cooking range had engraved deco on the oven door, had a top mounted flue. Some French cooking stoves had no windows and loading fuel was inserted into the sides. Some French cooking stoves had speckled color designs. Designs of French cooking stoves ran from the simple rugged cast iron to the ornate and fancy Faunus stove.
Another French cooking stove vintage is the classic Limoges porcelain stove features a glowing, ruby colored hand-painted finish and brass trim. There is the Mexico stove so called because of its Mexican motif. The face of the Aztec Indian is set in profile in blue enamel plinth. This stove measures 3 cm. in height, is 47 cm in width and has a body of 30.5 cm. The flue size is 8.3 centimeters. The estimated heat output is somewhere between 5 and 7 kW.
Another sample in the line of French cooking stoves is the fantastic Godinette, named after its manufacturer Godin, is in green enamel. The color is still in its first blush. This design dates back to the 1930s. From the Alsace region comes the ceramic style stove. Its ornate style qualified it to be French furniture. To make this, clay was cast into smaller molds and was fitted around the cast iron firebox.

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